Q: Do locksmiths charge for a call out fee?

A: Yes all locksmith companies do charge a call out fee, you can ask them first what their call out fee is first before having them come out to you.

Q: Can locksmiths get into any locks?

A: Yes a locksmith can get into anything that consists of a lock, from door locks, car locks, safe locks and basically anything that may contain a lock. They have all the correct tools with them when they arrive.

Q: Can a locksmith cut new car keys?

A: Yes a locksmith can cut car keys. This will save you time from having to go to the car dealership.  A locksmith can also programme keys for you

Q: Can a locksmith repair door locks?

A: Yes they can repair any door locks without having to replace it, although in some cases they will need to replace the full lock.

Q: Do locksmith cut keys on site when they are at you?

A: Yes they are equipped with the key cutting tool so that they can cut spare keys for you on site.

Q: I want to change all my locks on my doors is this a job that a locksmith does?

A: Yes a locksmith is the correct person to call when you are looking to change any door lock.  They will advise on the best door lock for your doors.

Q:  How do I know if the locksmith that I am using is certified and qualified?

A: You can ask the locksmith to present their certificate if you want to see it.